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Silicone bracelets  


SIA "ABA PREZENT" offers a wide range of over 20 000 promotional items, and that imprint. Delight yourself for loved people, colleagues, customers and partners with souvenirs, original gifts, with or without printing, and acquired a practical and useful things for yourself!

Prices on our website do not include VAT.

Order a minimum quantity of most goods is not set - you can also order one item!

If you are interested in any promotional product or printing, which is not on our offer, write or call us and we will certainly be able to strike your desired product from our range of existing product range.

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Dienas laikā:


 Silikona aproces

Cena ar individuālu gravējumu, ar PVN:
1 gab - 4.00 EUR





Dāvanas - krūzes: 

 krūze ar apdruku



V4149_32 (100gab.)

1.00 EUR + PVN 


1852 (100gab.

0,50 EUR + PVN